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Who can get 1 million dollar after 123 years old?

In the last few years, major anti-aging companies, such as Google's Calico and J. Craig Venture's new San Diego-based genome sequencing start-up Human Longevity Inc, have launched.

Along side this, Billionaires like Larry Ellison, Sergey Brin, Peter Thiel, Paul F. Glenn, and Dmitry Itskov are also funding research into longevity science.

Itskov is the founder of the 2045 Initiative with the goal of helping humans achieve physical immortality within the next three decades.

Reuters reported that gerontologist Dr Aubrey de Grey, chief scientist at SENS Research Foundation and Anti-Aging Advisor to the US Transhumanist Party, thinks scientists may be able to control aging in the near future. 'I'd say we have a 50/50 chance of bringing aging under what I'd call a decisive level of medical control within the next 25 years or so,' he said. 

A Russian multi-millionaire whose dream it is to live forever has promised to give $1 million to the first person to reach the age of 123.
Dmitry Kaminskiy, a senior partner of Hong Kong-based firm, Deep Knowledge Ventures, is hoping his million dollar gift will trigger a new group of 'supercenternarians'.

He says research into stem cells, tissue rejuvenation and regenerative medicine will allow people to live beyond 120 - an age that has been quoted as the 'real absolute limit to human lifespan'. 'We live in the most exciting era of human development when technologies become exponential and transformative,' Kaminskiy told DailyMail.com. 

Kaminskiy is hopeful people will soon start living to 150 years of age with longevity science improving. Studies in stopping and reversing aging in mice have already shown some success, and people around the world are generally living longer all the time.

For example, life expectancy hit an all time high of nearly 79 years-old in 2014 in America according to a report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics. 

Additionally, Britain's oldest person, Ethel Lang, just died at the age of 114. She was believed to be the last person living in the UK who was born in the reign of Queen Victoria. Whether Kaminskiy's million dollar prize will encourage people to live 
longer is still to be seen.


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