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Three distinguished experts have joined InSilico Medicine

InSilico Medicine proudly announces that Donald Small, MD, PhD, Kristen Fortney, PhD and Alexey Moskalev, DSc will aid the company’s mission to successful drug discovery and personalized medicine. It is clear meaningful progress is being made to battle aging from InSilico Medicine, considering the past major SAB additions.

Alex Zhavoronkov, CEO of InSilico Medicine, puts this exciting SAB addition into context,
"Aging lies at the core of the many global problems and there is an urgent need to extend the healthy productive longevity of the aging population while staying within the regulatory and ethical frameworks and boundaries and implement novel business models that will boost the confidence of the many industry stakeholders. The addition of these three world-class experts to our SAB strengthens our ability to develop new approaches to screening for drugs that may help delay the aging processes or repair the age-associated damage. Our approach to applied aging research stems from many years of cancer research and personalized medicine and some of the tissue profiling and drug selection methods are already employed in clinical research."

Dr. Small serves as the Director of the Pediatric Oncology Division of the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital. His motivation to play a role in the lives of young cancer patients tremendously impacts his research goals and long term efforts. The InSilico team is very excited to see how his experience will inspire the ongoing research and development.

“InSilico Medicine is poised to make major contributions to treat aging and other diseases. Their proprietary software and brilliant young scientists have impressed me. I look forward to contributing in any way I can to their strategies and discoveries," said Dr. Small.

Kristen Fortney is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University, where she works on the genetics of human longevity. She obtained a PhD from the University of Toronto. Her work consists of the application of computational biology tools to problems in translational medicine, focusing on aging and age-related disease. The technical guidance she will have to offer will play a large role in development and future goals of InSilico Medicine.

“InSilico Medicine has an innovative informatics approach to find new therapies that may treat age-related disease and slow aging. I am excited to join the InSilico Medicine advisory team and look forward to working with them to advance their technology," said Dr. Fortney.

Dr. Moskalev, from the Institute of Biology of Komi Science Center of RAS is Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Radiobiology and Gerontology. He also teaches at Syktyvkar State University. Much of his focus has been on DNA repair and molecular mechanisms involved with aging. Dr. Moskalev’s leadership and global knowledge of aging research will play a key role in the delivery of InSilico Medicine’s solutions.
“While experiments in model organisms are extremely important for both cancer and aging research, advances in computing, availability of the vast amount of omics data and rapidly improving understanding of the underlying molecular processes allow for the many experiments to be performed in silico. The GeroScope system developed by Insilico Medicine at the very least allows to narrow down the large lists of geroprotective drugs to be tested in animals and for some drugs and combinations directly in humans. The system may be used for improving clinical trials decisions and possibly for personalized preventative medicine," said Dr. Moskalev.

About InSilico Medicine

InSilico Medicine was founded in early 2014 and has since developed the OncoFinder and Geroscope. It is a company dedicated to finding novel solutions towards aging and age-related diseases using advances in genomics and big data analysis. Through internal expertise and extensive collaborations with brilliant scientists, institutions, and highly credible pharmaceutical companies, InSilico Medicine seeks to revolutionize personalized science and drug discovery. More can be read about InSilico Medicine, Inc. at http://www.insilicomedicine.com.
On top of this, InSilico Medicine recently announced to the public about OncoFinder, its novel algorithm that will streamline the transcriptome analysis process.

Resourse  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/09/prweb12195460.htm

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